Affordable Thailand Weddings

Thailand weddings on the beach

Thailand weddings on the beach

A wedding in Thailand is bound to be special and memorable too. The beauty of getting married in the country is that you have a variety of options when it comes to a wedding venue. In addition, wedding packages Thailand has to offer are among the cheapest marital celebrations in the world. Thailand weddings are getting popular nowadays as they are hassle free and are one of the easiest ways to get married. If you are planning to tie the knot in the island of Samui, here are some ways on how to have the perfect wedding without spending so much.

Be wise on the venue.

Lucky for you, there are so many wonderful weddings thailand resorts in Samui. Koh Samui wedding venues have different kinds of wedding bundles and packages so you can just pick from them. With so many options out there, you can have one that is most suitable for your budget and preferences. The good thing about getting married in Samui is that the wedding venue and the honeymoon venue can be one and the same. That means less cost.

Be creative when it comes to the wedding favors.

Of course you would want to thank your guests for joining you on your wedding day. However, you don’t need to blow a huge amount for party favors. The island has plenty of naturally beautiful crafts and items you can use as wedding souvenirs. You can give your guests sea shell picture frames, sand dollars, garlands, paper parasols, native fans, and so much more. If possible, find Koh Samui weddings package that already include the party favors.

Ditch the ultra pricey shoes and wedding gown.

Beach weddings are more flexible when it comes to the wedding attire. The bride can wear a nice beach dress with flowing fabrics. No need for a super formal gown with a long train. As for the shoes, the couple can get married wearing flip flops. For the groom, button down shirts and khaki shorts are the usual attire. These less formal outfits are not too pricey and look great with the beach as backdrop.

Do your own makeup.

weddings in Thailand

weddings in Thailand

For the bride, you don’t have to pay for a salon service if you want to save some money on your wedding packages in Thailand. Just invest on a good makeup and DIY. You can have your mom or your sister do your hair.

Get postcard invitations.

The beaches in Samui are spectacular. Why not have a good shot of the beach and make it as an invitation. This will cost less than conventional invites and will definitely make the guests want to go. For some added oomph, get a sunset shot. It is more romantic and subdued. The choice is yours.

Budget friendly Thailand wedding packages are among the best ways to tie the knot. For a stress free wedding, hire a Thailand wedding planner to help you iron all the details. At Nora Resort, your dream wedding will come true even with a limited budget. Enjoy getting married on the island of Samui.